Extreme Camping

April 27, 2008 - 7:24pm — GettingOutside

Lately, I've been more into the idea of extreme camping, backpacking, remote and primitive camping. The promise of getting away from the crowds, getting off the beaten path and away from the tourist traps has a growing allure for me.

For some - like the hotel crowd, the RV set, and the cabin warriors - maybe my usual form of tenting is roughing it. You know, the kind where you drive your car up to the site, make camp, crack a few brews and stroll down to the lake at dawn to do some fishing. But for me, extreme camping is a bit more, well… extreme!

It has to be a situation where you carry everything you bring in on your back, and then carry it back out again - leaving no trace. There’s a significant hike involved and some decent isolation. There’s no running water, except maybe a stream, and if their is an outhouse, it's a pit toilet or privvy, as they say. Throw in some wild animals, and you have what I’d call extreme.

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Cheap tents, dozens of empty

Cheap tents, dozens of empty beer bottles and clearly the wrong clothing; hope you have learnt mountains are not to be taken lightly. I climb in Scotland regularly and you really need to look after yourselves much better, as the weather can be easily under-estimated!

Camping and hiking are my two

Camping and hiking are my two favorite hobbies/actvities, I'll never forget my first night camping on the AT(Appalachian Trail).  With it being the beginning of May it was a little cool, I found a secluded place off the trail and setup my one man tent.  Luckily there was a stream nearby so I was able to have fresh water with my dinner.  With nothing but the moonlight and stars around me, it was hands down my favorite night of camping ever and would definitely recommend it to others.    It is roughing it at it's best plus with all the hiking it is great for fitness.