Strength Games for Kids

July 25, 2010 - 9:34pm — GettingOutside
Kid flexing for games of strength

There are some great games for kids that require strength, agility and sheer will power to win. In my memories, these were the most fun, exhilarating and feared games of the kid-world. You loved them and hated them all at once, even guys like me who often found themselves “king of the hill.”

Kids' Games of Strength

Games based on strength could bring out the best and the worst in us as sportsmen, friends and rivals. And they taught valuable lessons, reminding even the best of us that at any given moment someone bigger, stronger and older could come along and stomp the old victor into the ground.

With that kind of random karma lurking around the corner everyday, kids tended to learn how to win just a little more graciously.

King of the Hill

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I think the strength games

I think the strength games are such a great idea. There is so much that you can get from this. Kids need to do this more.

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