Product Review - Rain Gear for the Outdoor Kid

October 26, 2009 - 6:13pm — Don Neske
GettingOutside Kids Testing Puddlegear Raingear

When Puddlegear asked us to review some of their Abeko rain gear for kids, we were excited. Over the past few years, we’ve been looking for green alternatives when it came to our food and shelter choices, why not for our clothing?

They sent us two outfits, Albin Jackets and Jesper Pants, for our child testers to put through their paces. And our kids are outdoor warriors, so their clothes would have to be tough! In the interest of full disclosure, Puddlegear sent us the rain gear for free, but we wouldn’t let that influence our review. (scroll down for more pictures)

Atec... Kid Proof?

At first, we were a little skeptical. The all Atec material seemed very lightweight and delicate. When you’re used to PVC (vinyl) rain gear, you’re used to thick bulky stuff. The bulkier the clothes, the higher the quality, or so it seems. We wondered if the material was sacrificing durability for eco-friendliness and comfort.

However, the Atec proved to be durable as well as comfortable and green.

According to Abeko and Puddlegear, Atec is a polyurethane-coated stretch fabric that’s very light, soft, and tear-resistant. The material allows a full range of motion and is wind and watertight, making it ideal for the active outdoor child. Atec tolerates normal temperature changes and is easy to wash.

From our experience since kids can move normally and not feel stiff in Atec, they are more likely to actually wear it. In fact, we’ve received no gripes about putting it on from our test team.

Think Green Clothing

Puddlegear is PVC and Phthalate free rainwear - certified by Oeko-Tex® to be free of over 100 harmful chemicals. Their products have value-added environmental benefits because they have been independently tested and been found free of harmful substances and were produced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible way.

A tested textile product is allocated to one of the four Oeko-Tex product classes based on its intended use. The more intensively a product comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the human ecological requirements it must fulfill.

Manufacturers are entitled to mark successfully tested products or article groups with the Oeko-Tex label as long as it has been proven within the extensive laboratory tests that all components, including accessories, comply with the specified test criteria without exception.

Moms and Kids Will Both Like the Styles

The design was unique and quite cute, especially after the kids put it on. Our young lady testers loved the pink. The rain gear also comes in variety of colors you should find appealing. For the safety conscious parent, you’ll be happy to note that there is a reflective stripe that not only looks unobtrusively stylish, it also protects your kids when playing on a dark day, at dusk or at night.

While the pants were cute, at first the kids really didn’t want to wear them. But if you’ve ever had cotton pants get soaked, then you know how uncomfortable and cold that gets. In a torrential downpour, they are nice to have, especially if you are camping for several days in the rain, as was the case when we did our testing.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Puddlegear is high quality raingear. No doubt about it. It’s soft and easy to wear, yet durable. It’s cute yet highly functional, keeping the kids dry and warm. While it’s not cheap, you’ll probably get long life and a lot of use out of the clothes, since your kids will actually want to put them on. If you want to cut out some costs, you could try just purchasing the jacket, but on a cold, rainy day having the full suit will leave you feeling safe and secure, knowing that your kids aren’t soaking wet. Visit Puddlegear to learn more!

Puddlegear Product Details

Albin Jacket - Price $59.95

  • Colors: Medium Blue with black bottom, Red with a blue bottom, Pink with black bottom and Navy with a red bottom
  • Reflective tape detail and a detachable hood. The closures are all good quality strong poppers.
  • The collar is light grey soft fleece.
  • This jacket can be made into a set matching with Olle Pants, Jesper Pants or the Samuel Pant.
  • size 80-130
  • Certified by Oeko-Tex®

Jesper Pants - Price $49.95

  • Bib pants for pairing with the Albin Jacket and the Benny Jacket, adjustable suspenders that / click lock.
  • Boot straps and reflective tape on the leg.
  • Poppers at side for fit.
  • Medium blue, Navy, Red, and Pink.
  • For kids that are especially hard on their knees we recommend Olle Pants
  • size 80-130
  • Certified by Oeko-Tex®

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