Meditation - An Inner Journey - IS Often Practiced Outside!

March 19, 2010 - 1:05pm — GettingOutside
Meditation is a great way to calm one's inner being, relax and reduce stress!

Meditation IS:

Quiet rest, relaxation and repose for our inner beings. By meditating, deeply thinking, pondering or introspecting, while finding a nice, peaceful place outside—where we can tune out all the crazy distractions and racing fury of the modern world—we allow ourselves to come closer to achieving complete inner peace, balance and happiness. Enlightenment.

Buddha sat outside beneath the Bohdi tree and found his perfection of wisdom and core of beliefs (non-attachment) which brought him to exeprience Nirvana (a state of being in which all is perfect in imperfection, unchanged yet forever changing...) it just is... Tathata! So "carry on, wayward son!" And just be. But stick to middle ground and eliminate all wants; if you want to avoid suffering that is!

But Buddhism is definitely not the only realm of thought or religion which encourages meditation. There are thousands of other schools of thought, philosophies and religious practices which have something close to meditation.

We have posted the topic of meditation for you here because we have found that going outside and finding a quiet place to be at peace with one's self and with the natural world is a healthy, inspiring way to spend a bit of one's time.

We weren't designed to be cooped up inside all day, or to tread on concrete surfaces 24/7!

Why do you think we have so many back problems!?

Meditation can be about controlled breathing, repeating a singular word or phrase (a mantra), or just quieting one’s thoughts and focusing on a particular feeling, sense, image (mental or otherwise), idea or paradigm (or even nothingness, as in a particular Buddhist school of thought)!

Buddha, a 7th century practitioner and master of profound contemplation, once said,

“The essence of everything is that it is essenceless.” Wrap your mind around this nugget of wisdom and you have accomplished an extraordinarily-normal feat!

By meditating on emptiness, nothingness or non-form, and letting go of all the things that worry us in our lives, we can allow the mind to go into a state where all is one (connected by the bond of your thinking, all equally empty in your mind’s thought, because of the realization that nothing can be defined perfectly, and that all is transitory, and indeed empty of any lasting/true "suchness," other than emptiness, being real in the sense that the mind has grasped hold of it). Returning from the meditative state, we hopefully feel connected, balanced and refreshed.

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