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July 6, 2008 - 9:50am — GettingOutside
Sunset Meditation on the Beach Outdoors for Wellness

Health, Wellness, Exercise & Healthy Lifestyles

If sharing fun with our families was the primary reason we started or joined, then improving our health by getting in shape and exercising outdoors can be seen as the means to the end.

When you're active and live an active lifestyle, all areas of your life improve!

Here in the Health and Wellness Section of, you can find all sorts of great ideas for improving your health, your workouts (those of the outdoors variety are encouraged here) and your overall enjoyment of life. How many times a week can you say that you get outside and do something that is:

  • A)   Fun and Entertaining
  • B)   a Form of Exercise, and
  • C)   Healthy for Your Body

Really now, how many? If your answer to this question is less than 2 or 3, you probably are not doing yourself any favors when it comes to how easy it is for you to stay in shape. This is exactly why this site has been created: To facilitate, encourage and help to make it easier for people to get outside and become healthier. We want people to become more "outdoors-minded" and more in tune with nature, as well as with ourselves. By reading the content in this section and applying the suggestions we make, you can start putting yourself on the path to improved physical condition, weight loss or cardio-vascular health!

Note: Always Consult Your Doctor Prior to Beginning Any New Exercise Regiment!

Share what you know about the outdoors as it pertains to healthy lifestyles in the community section of the site. If you are looking to learn about great ways to find yourself getting exercise the way (a.k.a. "Naturalistically"), then you will enjoy reading any of these following sections.

Members of have FREE access to all of our tips on strives to be a reputiable source of information for healthy outdoor ideas. If you see anything in our section which you disagree with (or are wondering where we got the information), please let us know about it via our contact form. Again, we invite you to share your own outdoor health, wellness and exercise experiences with your friends in the GettingOutside Community.

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Outdoor Recreation for All


Thank you for providing such a great website and articles. A great place to find outdoor adventures for people regardless of disabilities or disadvantages is Splore, a nonprofit out of Utah. They do whitewater rafting, climbing, canoeing, snowshoeing and xc skiing for people with disabilities and disadvantages. They customize trips for any ability level. Check them out: 

Health and Wellness for Kids

The PTA has some good tips for the health and wellness of kids.